Tourism Potential of Jogja

Tourism Potential of Jogja

Tourism Potential of Jogja

Analisis Pariwisata Jogja Menghadapi Pemanasan Tahun Politik 2018

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Besides traveling, Jogja city also has many interesting things. One of them is the matter of education. Many famous campuses are here. Such as Gajah Mada University, Islamic University of Indonesia, Sanatha Darma University, Amikom University, Veteran University, Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta State University and others. When they graduation, certainly need a lot of rental car fleet Jogja. We are from CV Tugu trying to meet the car rental services for both graduation and tourism purposes.

Tourism Potential of Jogja
Talk about tourism in Jogja seems endless. However, we are always grateful for the excellence and beauty of Jogja’s attractions so far. Because it is what makes us always able to serve every guest who rented a car to us to do a private tour while in Yogyakarta. For that, we deliberately insert global content about the potential of tourism in this Special Region of Yogyakarta. Here are some potential tourism in Jogjakarta.

A. Cultural Tourism
Talk Jogja, of course we can not escape from the cultural richness that exists. The province has experienced quite a bit of a cultural upheaval in the past, so the current cultural style is still a mixture between Islam, Hinduism and Java itself. Cultural celebration activities such as Sekaten, Rebo Pungkasan or even syed wiwitan in Sawah can be an interesting tourism potential.

B. Museum Tours
You could say Jogja is one of the historical center of Indonesia. It is also one of the educational centers in Indonesia. So in this city, we can find interesting attractions in the form of museums. There is a museum monument Jogja back, Aerospace Museum aircraft, Sugar Museum in Madukismo, Musem Sandi Negara, Musem Biologi and so on. An interesting choice to visit. For the year 2018, when you in Jogja can rent a car to our place. We can deliver to the interesting museums.

C. Nature Tour
The beautiful nature of Jogja, which consists of mountains, valleys and beaches is a gift from the Creator. On the north side of Jogja we can enjoy the beauty of Kaliurang and Mount Merapi, Currently there are new tours around the slopes of Merapi, the adventure ride Jeep down the sand and cold lava.

On the south side there are many famous hill tours, ranging from Pinus Mangunan forest, Becici Peak, Pinus Pengger and so on. To the south again we can find a beautiful beach. There is Parangtritis beach, Sundak, Siung, Krakal, Indrayanti, Kukup, Wedi Ombo and so on. Not to mention the potential of waterfalls and caves that exist in Jogja. It could be 1 big book itself describes it.

D. Culinary Tour
Eating is a basic human need, but not infrequently a complement to fulfill the desire of the tongue. Well, while you’re in Jogja, pamper your tongue with a variety of typical culinary Jogja. Starting from Gudeg Pawon, Sate Klathak, Bakpia, Kipo and so on. But remember the health of the body yes, Do not overdo and disturb your health.

Enjoying the four types of tours in Jogja as mentioned it would need a suitable mode of transportation. There are many choices of vehicles that you can rent in 2018. We are ready to show you interesting places of interest that exist in Jogja. So do not hesitate to rent the latest Jogja 2018 car with us.

Thank you still menyimat short article Jogja tourism potential above, we are from CV Tugu Tour & Car Rent in the form of to provide rental car in Jogja for the purposes of tourism, service, marriage or other purposes. CV Tugu Tour & Car Rent Jogja is one of Jogja Car Rental Services located in Tajem, Maguwoharjo, Sleman Yogyakarta which is engaged in the world of car rental services and Tourism, ranging from Jogja Tour Packages and Jogja car rental. Our 2018 Jogja Rental Rates vary according to your needs. Fleet rental car we provide starting from the Year 2015 until the latest 2017, certainly does not close the possibility of fleet cars in 2018, 2019 or even 2020 later.

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