Waterfall Tour hidden Kedung Kandang Yogyakarta clean and cool exposed in gunungkidul

Waterfall Tour hidden Kedung Kandang Yogyakarta clean and cool exposed in gunungkidul

Waterfall Tour hidden Kedung Kandang Yogyakarta clean and cool exposed in gunungkidul

Gunungkidul is an endless tourism potential that is always emerging, and the government of Gunungkidul much to boost the hidden tourist attractions to bring tourists. As the last is spoken by the traveler is the waterfall kedung kendang, waterfall kedung this cage is very beautiful that splits green rice field residents are ready to make you amazed to see it. This kendang waterfall is located in Mount Butak, Nglanggeran Hamlet, Putat Village, Patuk Sub-district, Gunungkidul Regency.

Kedung Kandang Waterfall Tour of Yogyakarta Must Visit
Gunungkidul Yogyakarta area will not be exhausted for exploration in one day only. In addition to the existence of several tourist beaches are numerous and varied, and some other tourist attractions such as Tourism Embung Nglanggeran, apparently Gunungkidul area also has other interesting tourist attraction to visit. One of the Tourist Places in Gunung Kidul is new and interesting to visit is Kedung Kandang Waterfall tour which also recently opened as a tourist attraction. If you want to visit Gunungkidul Jogja and want a tourist atmosphere of a waterfall, here are some explanations about this attraction.

Uniqueness Kedung Kandang Gunungkidul
Kedung Kandang is the name of a Waterfall Tour In Jogjayang interesting and also somewhat unique. This waterfall is somewhat waterfall that is still hidden. The beauty of Kedung Kandang Waterfall is obtained from the piles of waterfall itself, because this waterfall is a waterfall that piled up like stairs. There are at least 6 levels of this waterfall. And this makes the surrounding panorama very beautiful. The white color of the waterfall will blend naturally with the green of the surrounding rice fields.

Price of admission
As described above, this tourist attraction is still really new and has not been managed perfectly, so there is no admission price to go to the waterfall area. However, you can donate voluntarily to this attraction which will likely be used for the construction of the object itself.
However, recently heard the news that now has been applied the price of admission to get to this attraction. But just calm down because the price is quite cheap, ie Rp 7,000 only. Meanwhile, for the cost of motorcycle parking, you can give Rp 2,000. If you bring a 4 wheeled vehicle, you can pay Rp 10,000 to the local people.
Location Kedung Kandang Waterfall located in Padukuhan Gunungbutak Nglanggeran Village Patuk District Gunungkidul Regency Special Region of Yogyakarta. GPS Coordinates S7 ° 51’20.2 “E110 ° 32’06.3”. Location Map and Routes from Jogja see at the end of post. Kedung Kandang a new tourist attraction in Gunungkidul that offers the beauty of waterfalls and roaming walks or trekking along the path along ± 800 meters while enjoying various interesting view serperti: mountains, hills, large rocks, rivers, and paddy fields.


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