tourist shopping malioboro street historical city of Yogyakarta

tourist shopping malioboro street historical city of Yogyakarta

tourist shopping malioboro street historical city of Yogyakarta

MALIOBORO is one of the most popular streets in Yogya. In addition to being in the heart of the city, Malioboro became quite known for its accompanying historical story. The existence of Malioboro is also often associated with three sacred places in Yogya namely Mount Merapi, Kraton and South Beach. Historical buildings located in the area of ​​Malioboro is a silent witness of this city trip from time to time.
Malioboro presents various shopping activities, ranging from traditional activities to modern shopping activities. One way to shop in Malioboro is by bargaining process, especially for commodity goods in the form of souvenirs and souvenirs peddled by street vendors lined along the sidewalk Malioboro street. Various kinds of cederamata and crafts you can get here like crafts from silver, leather, wood, batik cloth, pottery and so on.

You should not be surprised to see the price of goods in this place, for example the seller souvenirs offer the goods for Rp.50.000, – If you are interested in the item then the offer should be immediately followed by the process of bargaining from tourists. From that process the price becomes a drastic decrease, for example the merchant is finally willing to release the goods at a price of Rp.20.000, -. This also applies when tourists visit and shop at traditional markets Beringharjo which is located not far from Malioboro. That is the uniqueness of the tradition of shopping in Malioboro, buyers should be able to bargain.
Malioboro Street also has an important role in the struggle for Indonesian independence. On the south side of Jalan Malioboro there has been a fierce battle between the homeland fighters against the Dutch colonial troops who wanted to occupy Yogya. The battle then became known as the General Offensive of March 1, 1949, the success of the red and white troops occupied Yogya for six hours and proved to the world that the Indonesian armed forces remained.
Address: Jalan Malioboro, Yogyakarta City Deaerah Istimewa Yogyakarta.

Malioboro is a tourist area that became the mainstay of yogyakarta city so many ways to get to this place. From Terminal of Giwangan or bus stop in Yogyakarta city by city bus line 4 and Transjogja bus route 3A or 3B.
Tourists can also use the taxi service by ordering via phone or can intercept it on the roadside. Can also use andong or becak while enjoying the atmosphere of the city of Yogyakarta.
Ticket price
Malioboro area is a public place so that tourists are not charged, only charged vehicle expenses.

Facilities and accommodation as supporting facilities that support the tourism sector in this place is very complete. Five-star hotel up to jasmine class hotels are widely available around this place such as in Jalan Mangkubumi, Jalan Dagen, Jalan Sosrowijayan, Jalan Malioboro, Jalan Suryatmajan and Jalan Mataram. Or look for lodging in the west, that is on Jalan Ngasem and Wijilan area which is located not far from Malioboro.

Many restaurants are spread in this region with a menu and tastes are very diverse ranging from angkringan stall (warung shaped shop that provides local food), typical cuisine of Yogyakarta is presented in a lesehan atmosphere like gudeg, fried rice, sambel + lalapan and so forth. There is also a restaurant or cafe that provides Chinese food, fast food or western cuisine such as steak, beef lasagna and others.

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