Cenil Typical Jogja Food is tasty, cheap and easy to get

Cenil Typical Jogja Food is tasty, cheap and easy to get

Cenil Typical Jogja Food is tasty, cheap and easy to get

Cenyl or the serResep Cesil Khas Jogjaing also called Cethil is one of the market snacks with sweet taste mixed with delicious spices of shredded coconut.

This food is very unique indeed, either because of the taste or the shape. Usually this food is served with friends like lupis or corn. But, presented separately is also not a problem. This cake tastes sweet because of the Java sugar spilled on it.

Cenyl or Cethil made from cassava flour made from batter with warm water then steamed until cooked usually found in red and white green color served with grated coconut, a little salt and sprinkle of sugar or sugar of Java liquid. It is suitable if served with warm tea in the afternoon.

If you want to find this food, you can look for it in traditional markets located in yogyakarta. In front of Kranggan Market Jalan Diponegoro or 100 meters west of Tugu Jogja still many traditional foods are found in the morning at 06.00 until 11.00 pm. if you want to buy, the price offered is quite cheap which is about Rp2000 only.

Cenil Recipe

Cenyl cake is a snack that is quite popular in Indonesia, which comes from Central Java. The vibrant color makes this snack a favorite almost everyone from children to adults. It was also very delicious with a chewy texture. This elasticity is obtained because the basic ingredients of this cake is sago flour or starch.

In addition to sago flour, the dough will be given a mixture of sugar that gives sweetness, vanilla that gives a distinctive aroma to this cenil cake, then dibalur with grated coconut that gives taste savory. Usually cenil cake consists of the color of the rainbow, ie red, yellow, and green.

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